Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


16. Hearing him out

Brianna's P.O.V

I heard a knock on my door as i came down the stairs… i wasn't expecting anyone today i wonder who it could be. I walked down the stairs and opened the door to find Julia standing there tears running down her face in streams  "OHMYGODJULIAWHATSWRONG" i screamed when I saw her pulling her into the house and sat her down on the sofa "Luke cheated on me when he was on tour" she sobbed the tears falling in streams down her cheeks "I'm gonna bloody rip his little tiny worthless little dick off" I yelled standing up and walking to the door. 

​I walked out the door slamming it shut behind me leaving Julia in the house, i know she will be fine its not like she will go any where in that state. I walked down the street and came up to Julia's house.. Yeah all the boys lived with her because she owned a fucking mansion, when her parents died she inherited all there money so she was like rich, oh and the reason her parents had so much money was because they owned like thee mines and now Julia ons them but she hired some one else to run them for her but she still gets the money, so yeah. I walked up to the house and started banging on the door "OPEN THE DOOR HEMMINGS WE HAVE SOME TALKING TO DO" i yelled after a couple of minutes just standing at the door waiting for someone to answer i started knocking again "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR YOU LITTLE PRICK OR I WILL BREAK IT DOWN AND RIP OUT YOUR TRACHEA AND USE IT AS A FLUTE" I screamed at the top of my lungs as i finished yelling i heard someone running down the stairs and open the door i looked up and saw Ashton "ummm hey can i help you" he asked confused as he looked at me "oh I'm Julia's friend Brianna i need to talk to Luke" i said as calmly s possible but really what i want to do was knee I'm in the balls so he would move and run up the stairs and beat the shit out of Luke for being a complete and total dick "oh ok follow me" Ashton said as he moved to the side so i could walk throughout the doorway.


Luke's P.O.V

I heard Brianna yelling down stairs but was to upset to answer the door, so i waited for someone else to get it. Eventually i heard someone run down the stairs and open the door i could hear one of the boys talking to Brianna and then everything went silent and i could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and stop out side my door. "this is Luke's room he might still be asleep so sorry if he's in a bit of a mood if you ave to wake him up" I heard Ashton explain quietly as he walked away. I saw my door open and a furious Brianna walk into the room "YOU LITTLE FUCKING DICK HEAD WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU CHEAT ON JULIA" she yelled taking a step closer to me with every word, now she was standing right in front of me and i broke down in tears "i didn't mean to, that other girl was to distract me because otherwise i felt so damn depressed and i didn't want to performe and when i did i forgot words and i did a really shitty performance and people were complaining and my boss said do whatever you have to do he said he didn't care if you cheat on Julia i just had to do something to get my act together, so i did" i said in between sobs "SO THAT DOSENT CHANGE A DAMN THING" brianna yelled at him " i told her but i don't really know how to tell girls these things so i forgot to tell her a big part of it that could have possibly lessened the anger" i said quietly not looking up "annnd what didn't you tell her" Brianna asked impatiently "I only dated her for like a day and a half and then i came to my senses and realised what i was doing was bad so i broke up with her and never saw her again she texted and rang me all the damn time but i was just like WOUD YOU PISS OFF I DONT LIKE YOU" and she never called or texted again" i said my voice sounding desperate " i love her more than anything, i always will, she means more to me then the whole world, i would do anything for her, but i know i have ruined any chance of her ever loving me back" i said beginning in to cry again.

I heard a quiet sob and looked up but Brianna wasn't crying and it wasn't me either and then i saw the door move and then i saw Julia my eyes went wide as i saw her there beautiful even if her makeup was smudged and her eyes were red and puffy "julia" i whispered looking into her eyes "did you mean all of that" she asked looking at me her eyes filled with hope "i meant every word i just didn't know how to tell you and i should have told you sooner but i didn't know what to say, i love you so fucking much Julia i hope you know that" i said looking into her eyes and watched as she processed what i had just said and then all of a sudden she came running and leapt into my arms as she cried into my chest. i hugged her tightly not wanting to ever let her go again "i one you too" she whispered looking up into my eyes. We stayed like that for god knows how long, Brianna left a while ago and we just stayed there Julia laying in my arms and me leaning up against a wall in the corner of my room and we fell asleep like that.


A/N thank you Brianna for being in my book i really appreciate it :)

i just need someone to be Calum's girlfriend i would be so grateful if you gave me a name and some information about yourself so you could be in my book. I apologise for the shitty ending to the chapter. 

I love you all 

-Music is life <3


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