Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


8. FOOD!!

Michael's P.O.V

I sat on the sofa smiling to myself as i thought about my girlfriend. no one new about her yet i wanted to wait for a couple more weeks before i introduce her to them, just so i can give us some more time alone before i introduce her to these nut cases. "so what are we eating tonight?" Ashton asked looking around the room at us "PIZZA!!!" i screamed my hands in the air, i heard a chorus of yeses. Ashton stood up and left the room to get the phone and came back a few minutes later "before i call Jo Joe's what do you all want?" he asked us "i want a  Hawaiian pizza with a Lemonade and a small chocolate pudding thing" Julia said not one looking up from her phone chuckling quietly at something she read "i will have the same as Julia" Luke mumbled as Julia showed him something causing Luke to laugh "ummmmm, can i please have a….. pepperoni pizza with a… sprite and a chocolate pudding as well" Calum said thoughtfully. Ashton looked over at me "and last of all Michael what would you like?" Ashton asked "i would like a meat lovers pizza with a garlic bread, a coke and two brownies" i said "ok, i will be back in ten" Ashton called as he left the room. "So we should totally watch something when the pizza gets here" i said walked over to the tv cabinet, "yes we definitely should"Luke said smiling as he  nuzzled his head into Julia's neck, they were so relationship goals, "ohhh how bout paranormal activity" i yelled holding out number five, i hadn't seen that on yet "noooo please can we watch something else" Julia asked worriedly "hey babe it's ok, if your scared you've got me" Luke said comforting her "fineee, if you have to" she whined.

I put the movie in and was just about to sit down when i heard a knock on the door "PIZZA"S HERE" i yelled as i ran to the door and opened it "hi i have your pizza's, two hawaiian's, two lemonades, two sprites, one coke, three chocolate puddings, one pepperoni pizza, two meat lovers pizza, two garlic bread and three brownies" the delivery guy said, reading down the list "that comes to $131.00 thank you" he said, why do we have to eat so much it would be so much cheaper. I gave him the money and carried all the food into the lounge area, hardly able to see as the food was piled so high i could hardly sees over them. everyone grounded round and took there orders and sat back in their chairs waiting for the movie to start.


A/N So excited to announce Michael's girlfriend, but that will be in a few more chapters :) thank you to everyone again for reading my book. i one you all <3


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