Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


7. Embarrassed


ok so it turns out i had to baby sit my little brother so i can do some updating! YAY!! 


Ashton's P.O.V

i am so embarrassed, i would think i would be able to tell the difference between my mums voice and someone mimicking it, but it turns out i can't. "i can't believe you mistook me for your mum, i mean A: why would she even be here and B: i don't even sound like her" Julia said a look of disbelief on her face, "yeah yeah how bout a hello for mister Irwin, little missy" i said laughing at her. Julia jumped up off the sofa and ram into my arms hugging tight, we've always been like brother and sister ever since we met, so i'm very protective of her. I missed her so much and i am so glad to have her back. I placed my chin on top of her head and tightened my grip on her as she tried to wriggle free of my grip, she might be stronger, i mean i play drums for a living. i squeezed her again and let her go. Julia looked at my from the couch a smile forming on her lips "so you got a girlfriend eh" she asked looking at me intently, ok Ashton act normal don't give anything away "ummm….uhhh….noooo why would you think that" OH MY GOD what the hell is wrong with you! HOW is that acting normal? i thought to myself. "YOU DO DON"T YOU!!" Julia yelled excitedly, everyones attention suddenly was on me waiting for an answer "UGGGHH fine i do" i said giving in, i couldn't keep this a secret any longer. "how long?" luke asked me "we started dating about a week before we went on tour, so yeah" i said feeling awkward as looked at the ground hands behind my back "sooo when do we get to meet her?" Julia asked looking at me seriously "uhhh so todays the sixth of november,so i was planning on bringing her over on Christmas night to meet you all" i replied "yayy I'm so excited, what's her name?" michael asked happily "her name is Courtnee" i said no longer feeling awkward about the conversation, "so can you tell us more about her?" Calum said looking over at me "nope it's a surprise" i said secretively, watching everyone suddenly look disappointed.  



so sorry i haven't updated in a while, but i've been so busy with school work piled up to my neck. I will keep trying to publish chapters but I'm sorry if i can't 


​OHHHHH and i nearly forgot shout out to ~Lukesbae~ 

i feel so loved when people actually want to be in my book, i mean YAY!! Thankyou soooo much xx


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