Me Myself and Luke

The struggles of a girl in love with Luke Hemmings and how she finds her way through the hate, abuse and loneliness.


18. Christmas Part One


A/N I know its after Christmas but well its never to early to read about Christmas :)                                                                              


Michael's P.O.V

I was running as fast as I could dodging the fallen branches that were scattered across the floor, I could hear footsteps behind me closing in, but I couldn't look back. The faster I ran the closer the person seemed to get. I was running for what seemed like days when I saw an opening in the trees. I ran faster avoiding the sticks and roots hoping i wouldn't fall. I might not know what was chasing me but i knew i could not let it catch me. I was just meters from the gap in the trees when  fell, I don't know what made me fall, there was nothing on the ground around me, only leaves. I was just about to stand when i felt a hand take hold of my leg and pull me across the ground...

I woke with a start sweat covering my face, it was just a dream, nothing to worry about... Just take nice deep breaths Michael... In...Out...In...Out.

I lay back down in bed it was only 4 am and thought about the day ahead of me.


Julia's P.O.V

"LUKE WAKE UP!!! LUUUUKE WAKE UP!!! IT"S CHRISTMAS WERE GOING TO MEET ROSE TODAY!!!" I yelled as I hit Luke with a pillow. "ugh I'm awake, I'm awake" he mumbled. Luke and i got out of bed and got ready for the morning. I ran into the bathroom and got dressed into a colourful floral dress with a dark blue denim jacket and a pair of knee high black boots. I brushed my hair and left it down (for once it didn't look like crap) and put on my make up... just some simple eyeliner and mascara. "JULIA" Luke yelled through the door Michael and Rose are here. 


10 Minutes Later

I ran down the stairs, I love Christmas, I always have. I ran into the lounge room and hugged all of the guys until I came to Rose. I looked at her and pulled her into a tight hug "I hope you know what you have just gotten yourself into" I said "oh I know alright, i guess theres now going back no is there" she laughed. I liked her already.


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