Locked In A Cage Of Oath

Caleb is evil, blah blah blah. He has a bit of a story to tell. So listen.


2. The Flame Of Truth

I start to back away, not sure where to go. Jeanine is blocking one of the two exits. The other choice is flat pavement with a side of smushed Caleb, as this building was 174 stories tall. "Kneel down boy." I do, and cringe like a coward, thinking she will do something horrible, but then I look up and she is holding a piece of paper engulfed with blue flames. I yelp and wait to be set on fire, but she is still standing there." Well boy? Sign it!" Not sure what to do, I give the paper a slight tap. Surprisingly, I don't feel a thing, but I can see my black fingerprint gleaming on the paper like a black horse in a pile of rice. Jeanine withdraws her arm, and with it, the paper. "The terms of that paper were clear. You have to join Erudite, be my personal servant, and if it comes to it, you may have to kill some Stiffs." "But, but!" "No buts." "Move along boy." I stand silently as the elevator descends to the ground floor. I walk out the sliding door, and wonder how I will tell Beatrice.

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