Beautiful Smile

Jeff The Killer is one of most infamous serial killers and his only 18 years old. He has killed millions of people. One of his earliest and only surviving victims: Jane Arkensaw, also known as Jane The Killer, has been hunting him ever since. When she kills Jeff she thinks that it's finally over. But 5 years later murders like the ones Jeff committed start happening again. Jane starts to wonder if...Jeff isn't dead?


3. Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing

Jane got off of Jeff's dead body, she grabbed her knife and walked away from his dead body, pulling out a phone from her pocket, she dialed the police and newsroom, saying the same thing to both of them, "Jeff The Killer is dead, come to 704 NW 2nd St. and you'll find his body in the second rundown house". She hung up and left the house. The house where she finally ended Jeff's murderous ways for good.


"Hello, everyone we at Channel 11 news have some very interesting new" Derek Gareth smiled at the camera, "Jeffery Woods, infamously known as Jeff The Killer is dead. An anonymous call was sent to us and the local police station of where his body was found. We are going to the Chief of police, Officer Carlson at the scene"

The camera changed to the front of the rundown house where Jeff died. A middle aged officer was yelling out to the other officers when he notice the camera, he smiled and said, "Well, Mr. Gareth, it appears that Jeff was strangled to death, but damn he must be built like a wrestler cause it took 6 of our strongest officers to lift him up and load him into the back of that truck." The camera went back to the newsroom where Derek was still smiling, "Well, I am just glad the that psychopathic murderer is finally dead. This is all the time we have for now, good night everyone".

The camera then faded back to the footage of Jeff's body being put into the back of the police truck, no one notice though, except the camera, Jeff looked at the camera and winked, and mouthed the words, "I'll shall return soon enough". He then was put in the truck and was driven off to the autopsy place. Little did anyone know, the truck and Jeff wouldn't been seen again for 5 years..... 


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