Beautiful Smile

Jeff The Killer is one of most infamous serial killers and his only 18 years old. He has killed millions of people. One of his earliest and only surviving victims: Jane Arkensaw, also known as Jane The Killer, has been hunting him ever since. When she kills Jeff she thinks that it's finally over. But 5 years later murders like the ones Jeff committed start happening again. Jane starts to wonder if...Jeff isn't dead?


2. End Of A Killer

Jane spun around kicking Jeff in his chest, which didn't seem to effect him, as he stumbled back a bit. He grabbed her leg and threw her to the ground. He pinned her down and smiled, "Now, now Jane that wasn't very nice". Jane struggled to get him off of her, but he got off of her instead. She stood up, holding her knife out and slashed at him. 

"You killed my parents, my friends and even your own family. I am going to kill you" Jane spat on his hoodie, Jeff's smile faded, "You need to learn to play nice, Jane". He suddenly shoved her down and sunk his knife into her shoulder and twisted it, digging deeper into her flesh. Jane screamed in pain, she lashed out, kicking him the stomach. He fell over and Jane got up.

"Well, you finally got me, do it kill me Jane" Jeff chuckled, staring at her with his cold evil eyes

"You sick fuck, I hope you burn in hell for what you did" Jane threw the knife away and place her hands on his throat

"Maybe then I'll see your parents" Jeff laughed, grinning

Jane began to tighten her grip on his throat, Jeff's eyes bulged out and he began to gasp for breath as he slowly was choke to death. He smiled and began to laugh even though his throat was being crushed. He laughed like the madman he was. His psychopathic laughter soon faded. Jeff The Killer was no more.

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