Beautiful Smile

Jeff The Killer is one of most infamous serial killers and his only 18 years old. He has killed millions of people. One of his earliest and only surviving victims: Jane Arkensaw, also known as Jane The Killer, has been hunting him ever since. When she kills Jeff she thinks that it's finally over. But 5 years later murders like the ones Jeff committed start happening again. Jane starts to wonder if...Jeff isn't dead?


7. Catching The Dead (Final)

The SWAT team surrounded the two killers and the leader walked up to Jeff and said, "Jeffery Woods, you are under arrest for 371 counts of manslaughter and murder, come with us quietly or-" The man's words were cut off by Jeff slashing at his throat and he died almost instantly and Jeff, grabbing Jane's hand, whispered, "Run" and they ran, as bullets from the SWAT rang out, one bullet caught Jeff in the leg and he nearly tripped but Jane helped him up and they were able to escape the house and vanished into the night. 


"And in other news, infamous serial killers, Jeffery Woods and Jane Arkensaw were found inside a house, after murdering a family of four. SWAT members surround them, but Jeff was able to kill one of them and they escaped. Police, SWAT, and the F.B.I. are now searching the town for signs of the two elusive killers. More of this story as details progress" That what was every news station in the country was playing now as Jane and Jeff hid in a abandoned steel mill outside of the town they were nearly captured in. They knew that now that more and more people were looking for them, their already crazy lives would never be the same again.

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