Beautiful Smile

Jeff The Killer is one of most infamous serial killers and his only 18 years old. He has killed millions of people. One of his earliest and only surviving victims: Jane Arkensaw, also known as Jane The Killer, has been hunting him ever since. When she kills Jeff she thinks that it's finally over. But 5 years later murders like the ones Jeff committed start happening again. Jane starts to wonder if...Jeff isn't dead?


4. 5 Years Since The End

Derek Gareth was walking home after a day full of reporting the news. He was tired and worn out as he entered his house. He threw his jacket on the couch and went to the kitchen to make some coffee to try and wake himself up. He heard some branches snap outside so he went to look outside the window. He saw nothing though and went back to the kitchen to grab his coffee. After drinking it, he still felt sleepy so he decided to just give up and go to sleep. He walked into his room and flopped down in his bed and began to drift to sleep.


The figure outside cursed, he was almost caught by a stupid branch. He saw the light in Derek's room go out and he smiled, "Asleep already, Mr. Gareth? Not for long". He chuckled darkly and began to walk towards the window to enter the newsman's bedroom.


Derek was asleep but soon awoke with a start. His eyes scanned around his room as he thought he was being watched. He saw nothing so he closed his eyes. His eyes snapped open when he felt the presence of someone next to him. He gasped and whispered, "God, no..". Jeff The Killer was alive and grinning as usual. He smiled at the terrified news reporter and spoke in his deep cruel voice, "Mr. Gareth, I am your God now". His knife slashed out and slit the man's throat. Derek began to choke on his own blood as it flooded his lungs and poured down his neck wound. The last thing Derek saw before he died was Jeff holding his hand and whispering in his eerie voice, "It's okay, Mr. Gareth, just let go" Jeff began to laugh like psychopath "And go to sleep". Derek smiled back at Jeff and did what he said as the world soon faded to black and he was pulled into eternal slumber. Safe at last.


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