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11. worry and anger

Worry And Anger


Many people get worried and angry quickly. There are also a lot of people that get angry at you. This will help you control yourself and not blow up. We all want to be that perfect person that's always happy and not make people angry at you because we are doing everything just the way it's supposed to be. So, here it is.


| Anger | 

There are people in this world that seem to just always find things to get angry at us about. (*cough cough* parents *cough cough*) One might say the mom get's angry more than the father, but it also can be vice versa. So, to deal with parents, just try to take deep breathes and sit/stand still as much as possible. Look at them in the eyes calmly and don't make any gestures that you're angry/sad. So, practically be a stone. If your parents are cool and easy going than yeah do whatever because of that, but not too easy going. If you get what I'm saying. For example no: eye rolling, scoffing, leaning onto one leg with arms crossed, rolling the neck, and no talking back. Most of us might get away with talking back, but there will be times when the parent's temper just gets too out of hand.

How to not get angry at other people is a little bit easier. Let's be honest. Parents know so many things about you that they can say one word and it can make you want to punch/kick them all over. People in the outside world? They don't know half as much the parents do. Except your close friends. (duh) So, to deal with the outside world you just need to be completely calm and have a smart mouth. Don't blabber, just wait your turn and use your words wisely and as calm as possible. When I say calm I mean to not raise your voice. Raising the voice will let the other person know that they are saying the right words to make you angry, which is what they want. So, don't raise your voice, and if you can, use their words against them. So, just be a sassy calm person that doesn't go blabbering on into nonsense. Keep it short, sweet, simple, and sassy as fuck. But by all means, do not use this toward your parents. Also no gestures of sassiness. Just words. So, again, no eye rolling, scoffing, or anything like that. You can smirk though. I've done this so many times and it makes the other person angry very quickly. So, at good times, smirk.


| Worry | 

This is something that's going to be a little harder. Most of you on here are either in high school or in middle school. If you're in middle school... you ain't got anything to worry about if you're just going to go to a normal high school. If you're going into a high school with an IB program, get the fuck off of here and study your ass off. (sorry asian moment) But seriously. Compared to what high schoolers and college students have to worry about, you ain't go anything on your shoulders. It should be just homework that could be done in thirty minutes and "relationships" that will last for only three weeks at least, or even one week. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just talking about what's real. If you think you got a lot on your shoulders right now, I don't know what you're going to think about high school or even college. 

Okay, but high school and college students (if there are any college people out there) have a lot to worry about. High schoolers probably worry about their future studies in college and which path they want to take, and most importantly you all are probably worry about which college you are going to actually get in to and how to pay for it. College students are most likely worrying about staying in college and paying all those bills that high school didn't teach you how to pay. Best of luck to all of you for the struggle. 

Okay, but this is how to handle all of the worry. Once in a while (not all the time), go out to a coffee shop alone for about thirty minutes and rest. Read a book, watch a movie on your laptop, or just draw, which ever one you want. Just do something that will get your mind off of what you are worrying about. Also, things to help you a little bit with your studying is to have a notebook/binder that's just for studying tests.* I would get a really good binder/notebook that really durable because your probably/hopefully going to carry it around everywhere. This is a binder that is separate from your school binders. This will contain all of your notes that you will take at home, not at school. I think this will help with the worries from school because everything you need to know is all in one place. That is if you write your notes out and put them all in there neatly. 



*The binder that I recommend is the five star binder that's flexible and has the plastic rings to hold everything together. The bind is cloth, which confirms the fact that it won't break. This binder has been through a lot of things and it still looks new and it's white. So, I definitely recommend it.



Comment down below any other tips or guides that you want me to do, and if this tip/guide that I just posted helped you in any way and tell me about the results. If it doesn't work out... I'm sorry in advance. Again, this is how I got through this certain problem, but it does work for every person that I told these hints to so if it doesn't work out... then please tell me about it by commenting and I'll help you out as much as I can.

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