we'll never be royals they say


3. "the plastics" part 1/3

"The Plastics"


Yes, that was a Mean Girls reference. Now that we got that cleared. This is how to deal with them:

1.) You can become one of them by slowly turning into one.

2.) Ignore them completely.

3.) Face them.


Those are all ways to deal with these types of girls, but we just ignore the fact on how simple they are. I'll go through with you step by step for each way of dealing with "the plastics". That was an awkward way to put it.


| You Can Become One Of Them | 

Becoming one of them means that you're not going to be able to turn back from it. This is an area where you can't go back to your old friends and your old life. Once your in, you're in. I don't care what the movies say. People in the real world might forgive you up front, but they will always have that hole in them that will never heal your friendship together like it used to. So, this is a no regret zone.

The number one reason that most people do this is because they want to be popular or they just want to be popular. There's not other reason. That's just the cold truth. No matter what you say to cover this up, it always leads back to that reason. "I want to go to the cool parties." "I want to have them as my friends." "I want to hang out with them at cool places." "I want to be close with those type of people." Well, that all leads to being popular so you might as well say, "I want to be popular." Not trying to be sassy. Just trying to be honest.

So, becoming one of them is hard, but my brother taught me this. First get a friend that's a guy and a girl that's in that group that's not a ghost member. A ghost member is a member that's in the group and everyone knows is in the group, but they aren't really that affable. If you get what I'm saying. Being "the plastics" means that you are at least approachable, and being the ghost member does not mean that you are approachable at all. That just means they are being nice to you and use you because you probably have money or something that they need to look good with.


So, now you're wondering this: "How do I get a guy and a girl friend that's inside the group that's not a ghost member?" Easy. (not really I'm just trying to be optimistic.) First you need to find a sense of style. If you're a lazy person like me and you can rock a sweater, go for it. When you go to the stores, buy the sweaters that fit you. Don't buy a sweater just because it's on sale and you think it looks cute. What I do is get a neutral color* one and then it'll match with everything. If this isn't your style, then you have to be patient on finding the right style for you. An essential that you must get is a jean jacket that looks like that it came from Brandy Melville. Not the one that looks like it came from the 1900s, but the one that is a little baggy/worn out with a sweater/wool type of material as the interior with a hood. (it doesn't have to have a hood) Some of you might be thinking, "Ew why?", but it is what it is. The rest of the fashion tips will be in another guide/tip. Sorry, but practically you'll have to look like Urban Outfitters threw up on you, or you can just go with the style that celebrities like Selena Gomez rocks.


*Neutral Colors: brown, white, black, grey, ever green, mustard yellow, nude (light tan), and dark maroon


After the look is done, then you'll have to have the personality. At first you need to be sweet and be able to talk about what's going around. So, you'll need to have an open ear for the gossip that's roaming around school, and then sneak up a question one day and ask one of them about it. You might be asking the girl first because I bet most of you will be girls that are reading this. The girl will gladly talk to you about it, but the number one thing is to not become to obsessive over one thing. The main thing is to act like you know a lot about it, so act calm and don't talk to much, but talk enough to keep the conversation going. If you start to get nervous just breath and say that you need to start to work on something and move on. Trust me, the girl won't mind.

If it's a boy and you're nervous around them and don't know how to talk to them, pretend that they're a girl. I was surprised when I found out that guys love to gossip too. The difference between a guy gossiping and a girl gossiping though  is that they don't give out too much emotion about it so just act even more calm when you're talking to them and let them do an equal amount of talking as you do, but no matter what do not cut them off. Guys hate it when the girl cuts them off and starts to blabber about something. Don't cut them off, and again don't go into too much detail. The guys only care about the facts, and they love it when you ask them at random times about sports. The main thing is that you have to be interested and actually know about it. I grew up with a football/basketball family and had a brother so I'm pretty solid. Also, with guys they like to talk and show you some weird and nasty things once you get close with them, so the number one thing is to show that you're not interested in it, but don't over exaggerate it. They don't mind that you're telling them that you don't like it, just don't go full out drama queen about it. Also, know how to keep a conversation going before talking to them. They will automatically drop you if you don't, and also have confidence about yourself when you talk to them. Guys like that kind of stuff.


This is a fair warning to all girls. There is a seventy-five percent chance that the guy you're talking to is a fuckboy, and there will be another chapter for that all together because they are trouble.


So, now you're close to them. The next thing is to ask if y'all could hang out or something. This is the hardest step. (I think) Most of you are probably on here because of one of these reasons:

• your parents won't let you go outside

• you're to lazy to go outside

• you seriously just don't like the world right now


So, the thing is to get on your parents good side because how else are they going to let you hang with the friends you just made. I mean seriously they're "the plastics". So, what you need to do is to not argue with the as much as you can. I'm not saying to not argue with them at all. I'm just saying to not do it as often. Try to be cool and keep all the anger inside and then just let it out by screaming in your pillow or something, but just don't let them know that you're pissed. The next thing is to of course get their trust. This is a must because the parents need to trust you to go to parties and concerts. So, yeah. That's a really big one, so there'll be another chapter on that. It's hard for me because I have a strict paranoid pair of parents. Yay. I know the struggle trust me.

The next thing is to get good grades. This is so much harder then getting the trust and being good to your parents, but don't worry. After this is all over and you're in the group, you can go back to your old ways with your parents. Just not all the way. If you go back all the way then your parents might start saying that your new friends are bad influences on you. So, just go back slowly and keep some good. Actually just keep up the good and you can just slip some bad once in a while.


So, you're now hanging out with them, but you're wondering how to act. Simple. Choose from the following personalities:

• bubbly and flirtatious

• clean cut and sassy

• full out OCD

• funny/clumsy/sassy

• sweet/kind/nice

• slob and clumsy


These are the things that every group has. As you can see there are opposites. That's normal, but you choose one of those personalities and you're good to go. (I will say things about social media in another chapter. This is just about looks and personalities.)

Ok, so to be bubbly and flirtatious, you need to always be happy, jumpy, and not be afraid to get all over someone. What I mean by the last one is to not know of personal space at all. Not at all, but you get what I'm saying. When you try to be these things you need to almost always lean on someone when you're tired, laughing, and/or talking. Especially when it's a boy. If you do it on girls, it's fine. The number one thing about this personality is that you need to be okay with hugging. If you're not the hugging type move onto the next one.

Being clean cut and sassy is hard work. You need to always watch what you're saying, have the perfect outfit (that has no wrinkles), and be very organized. This is what I'm slowly turning into because of me trying to get my parents' trust. So, most people that are in the struggle right now with parents will fall into this category. The number one thing about being clean cut is that you don't have to have straight A's. That is an option, but you don't have to. Just do average. So like a C is the lowest you would want to get on anything. Also, when I say perfect outfit. I mean perfect outfit. You don't have a day off for the outfit. You need to work your ass off to get the perfect outfit, and the outfit must be ironed, clean at all times, and rolled neatly (if there are any rollings). If you need to roll anything, make it look like a fold. A neat fold. Now, the sassy part. To be sassy, you need to watch what you're saying. By this I mean that you always have to know the truth. If you don't then you have to be really good at lying. Cause if they catch you, you're dead. Fucking dead. So, the number one thing is to be good at both lying and at being honest. Also, don't worry about the other person's feelings. It doesn't matter. You're the sassy person. Act like a queen.

I think being full out OCD is self explanatory. If you don't know what it stands for though, here's a life saver:


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Obsessed with being clean and making everything perfect.


Yes, having OCD can be bad, but there's always one in the group and most of the time people actually like it. This personality is also hard because you have to be diagnosed with this disorder. If you don't then move on.

Now, being funny/clumsy/sassy is where one out of a hundred people fall in. Not that many people know how to be funny. It's really hard, but there always seems to be one in the group. So, to be funny just get the app ifunny and then you're good. That'll also be good with the sassy part. You also might want to follow some funny accounts on instagram:

• unicorntweetss

• studentworld

• bitc.h

• todaykidswontknow

• burn_book


Now for the clumsy. This does not mean that you fall and trip over every little thing. This just comes naturally. You don't have to have this trait to fit into this category. I'm one of those people that are just naturally clumsy and a lot of people are so there's a seventy-five percent chance that you are too.

Now, being the sweet/kind/nice person is the hardest, but this is what I am. You don't always have to be all of those. Even though all of those are just synonyms of each other. This person has to be known all around the school for being nice. So, you have to gain a reputation for this. The other ones you don't have to, but for this one it's a must. Everyone knows how to be nice. It's literally just keeping quiet during arguments and being there for someone to lean on, and you can't cuss. Yeah buddy. I told you it was going to be hard. Even when you're mad you can't cuss, but after a while you can (but it can only happen when you're really mad). Also, can't be a slut. Can't flirt with guys that much and you can't really dress like a slut either. You can dress fashionably, but I think you know what I'm saying when I say dressing slutty. (I'll have a chapter on that)

Now, for the slob and clumsy. I think that most people like this one the most out of all of them because this is literally the laziest person in the group. I'm not like this because if I do something I can do it for about three hours. Hell yeah. My attention span is about three hours bitches, but anyways. Being a slob is mainly being unorganized to the max and as I said before being clumsy just comes naturally.


Now that you fit in a particular personality, you'll need to talk the talk. Yeah buddy. Talking the talk is hard because you need to be careful with cussing. There is a certain limit that exceeds the brain of a popular person when there's cussing involved because they will only here the cussing and not the actual thing that you're saying. So, you just need to be calm and just say what you need to say in the shortest way possible. They don't like it when people tell them a short story that could take less then a minute with all the details making it five to ten minutes. That's something you need to type up and write a book about. Talking to a "plastic" is like talking to a person that has no time on their hands. They always move onto a different person to talk to every five minutes so you better keep it short. 


So, yeah that's it. That's how you become one of "the plastics". It takes about two to three months at least to do this whole thing. So, you have to be patient. 


Good luck with "the plastics" guys!


Comment down below any other tips or guides that you want me to do, and if this tip/guide that I just posted helped you in any way and tell me about the results. If it doesn't work out... I'm sorry in advance. Again, this is how I got through this certain problem, but it does work for every person that I told these hints to so if it doesn't work out... then please tell me about it by commenting and I'll help you out as much as I can.

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