we'll never be royals they say


6. presents



So, everyone around this time is needing to buy last minute presents. There is something to prevent this. Yes, buy the present early, but I'm going to tell you a trick that's something everyone wants to do. It's simple. Go to the mall frequently and watch the sales. Bam.

For the girls go to: Victoria's Secret, Hollister, Bath and Body Works, and AeropostaleThere are other stores, but these are the ones that you need to watch the most because they are almost always on sale all year round and they have good items on sale that your friends might want. It's also nice to watch the online sales too because you feel ten times nicer when it comes to online shopping because you found something in another place and had to order it that way. Seriously, if I was that friend I would feel special.

Okay, for the guys go to: Hollister, Tilly's, and Aeropostale. Yes, these are all clothing stores, but there are some colognes in there that some boys would want (but I wouldn't put that at the top of the list for boys they usually like to chose that kind of stuff on their own). For boys, you need to be careful on what you buy. It's needing to be something that they would actually want. Boys will return them, but they will return them secretly or just never wear it. So, if you don't want to get your feelings hurt through that then just don't buy anything that they don't like or something that you want them to like but they don't.


| Late Presents | 

Okay, so for all those people that didn't get presents early and is doing it at the last minute you're awesome because I sometimes do that too. So, here's a life saver. Go to the nearest store that sells: EOS lip balms, cute bracelets/necklaces/rings, and candy. Then put it all in a cute bag. That is my go to present for anyone, which is practically almost everyone's birthday present from me. I'm smiling proudly if any of my friends are reading this right now.

Another go to gift that you can get for a person that maybe a boy is a card with twenty dollars in it. I would give them about twenty to forty. No more. No less. People will be happy with just this because they get to buy whatever they want, and it's really hard to buy something for boys. 

Also, if you know what your friends like to read then that's also a good thing to buy for a christmas gift, but make sure (through the other friends) that they already didn't read it. (or just go to their house and check for yourself).


Comment down below any other tips or guides that you want me to do, and if this tip/guide that I just posted helped you in any way and tell me about the results. If it doesn't work out... I'm sorry in advance. Again, this is how I got through this certain problem, but it does work for every person that I told these hints to so if it doesn't work out... then please tell me about it by commenting and I'll help you out as much as I can.

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