we'll never be royals they say


1. Introduction

This is a book that I made that will help everyone get through high school. If you want to be an elite high schooler. I've grown up with these people, so I got an automatic invite into this world. I just choose not to go to the parties, but the stuff that they tell me that happened is crazy. I will be telling you all of this and I hope it helps you pass some classes too because I will be giving you hints everyday about different things and some of them will be study tips. I really want our generation to be great in the future and not just a bunch of hobos running about the streets yelling out sassy remarks about how life sucks.


I will also be doing it through a not-so-expensive point of view for studying also because those study tip videos on youtube make you pay a butt load of money for no apparent reason at all. I found ways that will make life so much easier in high school, and if you already know these don't leave any comments saying that. If you do I will delete it because that just tells me that I'm not any help at all and that this was a waist of my time. So, enjoy the tips and hope your high school life gets better.


The reason that this is marked R is because this will have no filter on what high school is really like. So, there will be words such as fuck, sex, drug names, and ect. So, I'm warning y'all ahead of time about what the tips are going to be about. Yes, there will be "handling fuckboy" tips.

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