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2. finals

Final Exam Week


This is a week that all high schoolers fear the most. Except the week before school starts of course, but you get what I'm saying. Most people just give up around this time and say, "Fuck it I'm just gonna wing it and hope I pass." I'm here to tell you, unless you still remember all that you've learned throughout the year (which most people don't), you won't pass. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is a true fact. What you have to do it go to sleep at about nine (at least) and then wake up at six. That is the number one priority. Good sleep. Yes, it's a cliché, but it's true. Another thing is that you can be reviewing notes out the wazoo, but still fail the test. Don't study the notes. Yes, you should be taking notes because that is one way to get focused during class so you don't have to study as hard the night before a test, but the number two thing is to study the previous tests. Most teachers that I've had take questions from the previous tests and just reword them or just be a doll and copy and paste them, and sweetie I got the hard teachers.


Another good thing is to listen when the teacher says that this is going to be on the test because there is a fifty-fifty chance that it will. So, you better just jot it down and take that chance. Most of the time for me it ended up to be on the exam, so yeah. The forth thing is to study the study guides (after studying the tests of course) because again there is a fifty-fifty chance that it will show up on the test. For me it just happens to be that particular subject that will be on the test, but still study the study guide. Especially when the teacher says that it's literally the test. I have one of those teachers right now, so yeah. Get to it.


Also, while you study you need to find the one thing that distracts you the most and put it away. If it's the computer, dude your doomed. Put the fucking computer away, but before you do that print out all of the study guides or papers that you need to study off from. 


If you don't have a printer, just copy it down on paper (and I'm pretty sure everyone has some form of paper. If you don't... how do you do homework?) I honestly don't know another way to jot down what's on the screen.


If you can print out the things from the computer and the study guide is something you made on quizlet, then you can print that out too. Just scroll to the top and there should be a printing icon near the folders.


If the distraction is your phone (this is my distraction), then you'll need to turn it off and put it in another room. If you usually study in your room, then get out and study on the dining table. If there is no room on the dining table, then give your phone to a sibling, parent, or trusted friend. Just find a way to get rid of your phone for the time being. If you don't have a person to give it to, find a place to hide it and challenge yourself to stay off of it as much as possible, and even when you're on breaks don't get on it. Avoid any temptations of getting on the phone, and remember to turn it off.


The next and final thing is to find the best way to make the studying a little more interactive. I find it easy to study when I'm doing so many things because it keeps me busy and that means my brain doesn't have any time to think about something else. So, my solution is highlighting. That is an expensive type of solution, but that's mine. Another one is to write a butt load of things down while your studying over and over again. Then there's the classical annotating. That's what most of my friends do. 

If you're not the writing person type and you're a visual learner then find a white board and go crazy with it. (and try not to go into doodle world) If you don't have a white board then you can do it on a piece of paper. If you do it on a white board then you'll have to open up a window because the toxic chemicals in the markers will stink up the room and then later the whole house. So, when you start up with the white board open up a window. If you live in a place where it's not really nice to open up a window (maybe because of the snow or rain... my town always rains), then you'll need to not do the white board and stick to the paper. It's not as fun, but you don't have a choice. Unless you have an air filter like I do. It doesn't do it as fast as a window, but it still cleans the air.


The next thing is studying for the math exams. The hardest exams of all. All the others can apply to history, some sciences, and english. But math is totally different. For math you will need to go to the extreme and take out that book and start doing problems. Try to do the problems that have answers to them, until you get how to do them. This is how I'm sort of passing my trigonometry class right now...


The number one finals tip of all I think is this: do all the questions that you know first then go back and fill in the hard ones. AND Try to look back at other questions to see if the teacher let a hint slip out about another question.


Good luck on the finals guys!




Comment down below any other tips or guides that you want me to do, and if this tip/guide that I just posted helped you in any way and tell me about the results. If it doesn't work out... I'm sorry in advance. Again, this is how I got through this certain problem, but it does work for every person that I told these hints to so if it doesn't work out... then please tell me about it by commenting and I'll help you out as much as I can.

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