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5. fashion



So, we can all safely say that we had that one day that we wore an outfit that we regretted enough to the point that we wanted to just walk off a cliff. Well, I have a solution to that, and that is to organize your shopping to the max and have patience when you buy clothes. These things will save fashion disasters.


| Shopping | 

The number one thing for shopping is that you have to be patient. If you're not patient, then this will be a great exercise because this is how I learned patience. The number one thing is to not rush what you're buying. Yes, there will be people that want to just rush you by saying, "Is everything okay?" and "Do you need help with anything?", but all you need to do is just smile at them and kill them in your head because they are just doing their job.

Anyways, the number one thing is to already know the store that you're going to go to, and you need too see what you're getting (not exactly but have an idea). This is very important because if you don't, you're going to be in the store forever and then you're going to end up buying things that don't even match you clothes at home, which causes you to go to another store and buy clothes that actually match the things that you just bought. So, to save all that trouble, plan ahead on what you want. 

The number one way to plan is to have a list on your phone of things that you want at all times. Have a like a little notebook app and type it all up in there. Then you will always have a list on what you want, so when you go on that shopping spree spontaneously you'll be ready.


| Color | 

I've learned the hard way that being picky about colors is a good thing. Have a color theme in your closet so shopping and picking outfits are easier tasks. Mine is neutral, which was already defined in the past chapter: "the plastics part 1/3". This is something that saved me in the morning, and also the fact that I told my mom to not buy clothes for me because I was going to go with her if she wanted to get me any clothes. Everyone that reads this and wants to have a coordinated wardrobe, then you're going to need to do this.

The next thing about color is that it has to match your skin tone. Here are a few tips about the color for the skin and clothes:

pale: dark, pastel, or spring 

normal: any color

tan: neutral

dark: neutral, but no white


These are the main colors that the wardrobe needs to contain. I have a light tan, so it's obvious that I'm going to be getting neutral colors. Every single skin color looks good in neutral, but the ones stated up there has to get neutral.


Comment down below any other tips or guides that you want me to do, and if this tip/guide that I just posted helped you in any way and tell me about the results. If it doesn't work out... I'm sorry in advance. Again, this is how I got through this certain problem, but it does work for every person that I told these hints to so if it doesn't work out... then please tell me about it by commenting and I'll help you out as much as I can.

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