Amnesia Wilson was only 12 when her parents got in a fight causing her and her dad to move to New York. When Ashton found out that she was moving his was heart broken.

"Who will be there to help with bullies? Amie I don't have any other friends."
"Ash you're a year older than me. You'll be a freshman in a few weeks and I'll be in 8th grade. You have to understand that I can't be there for you all the time. Even if the world died and we're the only ones left or I move and never see you again you have to understand."

Warning mature content such as sex scenes, self harm, drugs, and cursing are in this book


1. ᴾᴿᴼᴸᴼᴳᵁᴱ

My name is Amnesia Wilson. I'm 12, live in Australia, have brownish-blonde hair, and blue eyes. I have one friend, Ashton Irwin, and he's 13 I'm going into 8th grade and Ashton is going into 9th. He'll be in a different school while I stay in my crappy af school. Everyone hates me and or is scared of me. My life sucks. My parents are always fighting and I'm just caught in the middle.

Ash found me at recess one day when 1st and 2nd were mixed we've been friends since. Ash is the only one who fully understands me and my personality. I'm different I've always been the outcast of any group. One would call me 'emo' which doesn't make sense because 'emo' is a type of music not a label society throws at you. Like bitch look it up! Ok sorry. Any way he likes the music I listen to. These bands include green day, panic! at the disco, all time low, nirvana, blink 182, bowling for soup, my chemical romance, good charlotte, fall out boy, ghost town, the foo fighters, and the list goes on.

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