Amnesia Wilson was only 12 when her parents got in a fight causing her and her dad to move to New York. When Ashton found out that she was moving his was heart broken.

"Who will be there to help with bullies? Amie I don't have any other friends."
"Ash you're a year older than me. You'll be a freshman in a few weeks and I'll be in 8th grade. You have to understand that I can't be there for you all the time. Even if the world died and we're the only ones left or I move and never see you again you have to understand."

Warning mature content such as sex scenes, self harm, drugs, and cursing are in this book


3. T ᗯ O <i'm running away>

*5 years later*

I sat with my head against the window as my dad had yet again come to pick me up from detention. "I don't get it?"he says angrily. I roll my eyes continuing to just be quiet knowing that that's the best option.

"I don't get why you changed. Why you became this,"he spat at me I look at him as we pull up to our apartment

When we got inside he smacked me in the face hard. "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM! YOU KNOW YOU USED TO HAVE A FELLING CALLED LOVE AND IT WAS TOWARDS ME!"I practically scream.

He hits me so hard this time that i fall to the ground,"that felling died when my beautiful daughter did."

I was in tears. I ran to my room closing it and locking it. I took out the sleeping pills that I had lying around to help with my insomnia. I took all of them out and took them all. I felt myself drift away as my boyfriend busted the the door.

I woke up puking my guts out as my boyfriend had his fingers down my throat causing the vomit. "Amnesia why the hell did you do that! You had me worried sick,"Tyler said holding my in his arms.

I sigh almost crying,"Tyler i'm running away and I don't know where but I just I can't take a serious relationship right now. I think we need to break up."

"Y-your breaking up with me?"he said tears in his eyes.

I looked over to him and kiss him one last time as he walked out.




I finished packing my things as I checked my fathers room to make sure he was asleep. I had climbed down the fire escape and into the back alley behind the apartment complex we live in. I ran down the busy sidewalks of New York as I made my way towards the airport check-in.

"Hello! Thank you for choosing Australia Airlines! I'm Amanda your stewardess I'll be coming around with complementary food and drinks. I'll also be-" I cut her off by putting in my headphones and getting ready for the long trip ahead.


I was awoken by the contact of the airplane wheels to the ground.

"I would like to thank you for choosing Australia Airlines. We've now reached Sydney I hope you've enjoy the flight and I hope you choose Australia Airlines next time you fly to and from Aussie."God she finally shut up.


I had gone down to my old street and looked at my house. It was now owned by a cute picture perfect family. I sigh as memories of our 'picture perfect' family came back. I looked to see 2 little boys playing football (soccer) in the yard and a little girl playing with barbies on the porch.

I walked over to the little park and sat on the bench that sat near the old oak tree. And of course it starts raining. I sigh knowing that I have nowhere to go. A boy was walking to his car which just happened to be by the bench I was sitting at. He looked at me and smiled. Oh my god he has dimples!

"Hi what are you doing out in the rain? Do you want a ride home?" His beautiful accent rolled out perfectly.


He cut me off,"ok that sounded like I was about to kidnap you. Anyway hi i'm Ashton."

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Ashton fucking Irwin. I gulped as he grabbed my hand. He's. Hot. As. Hell.

"So are you just going to sit there or are you going to tell me your name?"he said looking down at me with his hand still offered.

"A-amnesia,"I manage to say still surprised to see Ashton again.

He stared blankly at me. I stared back at him. He grabs my hand pulling me into a bear hug.

"Oh my god Amnesia. I've missed you so much,"he says into my hair.

He pulled away and dragged me to his car.

"You have nowhere to go i'm assuming?"he asked as I nod my head,"well come live with me." I smiled as we pulled up to his home. It was nice.

As I was unloading my things I hear ash talking to someone downstairs.

"No Michael for the last time we are not having practice here."

"But ash your house is the only one with the drum set so I mean we have to have it here."

Wait! Your in a band?"oh shit why did I say that.

Michael turns towards me,"who's she?"

"Uh hi Michael,"I say awkwardly,"it's Amnesia."

His eyes widen as the name sinks into his skin. "Amnesia Wilson? Like the Amnesia Wilson? We all thought you killed yourself."

"Well i'm sure as hell i'm not a ghost,"I say trying to lighten up the mood. Michael comes up and hugs me. Wait back the fuck up my bully missed me and is hugging me?

"Wait you aren't going to punch me in the mouth again are you?"he asked fear in his eyes.

I giggled,"no. For now."

*Ashton's POV*

She giggled and I swear to fucking Satan I died a little inside. I didn't hear what she said but it made Michael shit his pants.

"Ash keep your girlfriend under control,"Michael said backing away. I smile hearing that term as Michael backed up and ran out the door.

"That's right you better run!"she said showing her dominance.

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