Amnesia Wilson was only 12 when her parents got in a fight causing her and her dad to move to New York. When Ashton found out that she was moving his was heart broken.

"Who will be there to help with bullies? Amie I don't have any other friends."
"Ash you're a year older than me. You'll be a freshman in a few weeks and I'll be in 8th grade. You have to understand that I can't be there for you all the time. Even if the world died and we're the only ones left or I move and never see you again you have to understand."

Warning mature content such as sex scenes, self harm, drugs, and cursing are in this book


4. t h r e e <can you stay with me>

Amnesia's POV

I was slowly drifting away into a dream that faded into a nightmare.


I was at my house when my bitch fake ass half-sister walks in bratty ass hell. I love how my dad doesn't care that she's almost 6 and still acts as if she was fucking 2. And she has a mouth full of lovely cuss words. "fat ass bitch,"she mumbles under her breath. 'She's right,'my subconscious snarls at me. My dad pulls a gun out of thin air and shoots her. Her blood splattering all over me and the walls. He came up to me and shoots mє ín thє ѕtσmαch. hє drαgѕ me to the basement. the pain was unbearable. I was crying loudly.

*end of dream*

I let out a high pitched scream clutching my stomach and I heard Ashton jump out of bed and come towards my room. I had my head in my tiny legs crying hard. Ashton's strong arms wrapped around me rubbing my back calming me down 

"Hey, hey whats wrong?" 

"It was a dream or well i guess more like a nightmare,"I say looking up into his gorgeous hazel eyes. I bury my head into his strong shoulder and cry more. "Ash can you stay with me?"I ask afraid that he'll say no.

His eyes light up and he smiles a pure genuine smile,"of course."


Amnesia's POV

I woke up in Ashton's arms wrapped around my waist. I smile and try to squirm out his grip but it was to strong. He groans as I unwrap his arms from my waist.  

"5 more minutes,"I say ling back down as he smiles a gigantic goofy smile. I poke one of his dimples as he chuckles. He buries his head in the crook of my neck and blows like I'm a 5 year old. He looks up at me and picks me up twirling me around. He drops me on the bed and runs out the room and into the kitchen. 

I giggle, but out the corner of my eye I see a boy step out a room.

"You two are very very weird,"the boy says. He's kinda cute. Blonde hair, tall like he's a fucking giraffe, he has a lip piercing, and he has piercing blue eyes. 

"you can take a photo it'll last longer,"he says with a smirk,"Hemmings, Luke Hemmings." holy shit Luke Hemmings. He was one of my few friends. We weren't as close as I am with Ash. 

"Oh hey Luke you remember me, Amnesia Wilson. From like 7th grade,"I say as his face lit up. He pulls me in for a hug. 

"I missed you like when you left I had no friends and I had to deal with Michael a.k.a. Satan,"he said smiling. 

"I HEARD THAT HEMMINGS!"Michael shouted form the basement. Luke gave me a worried look as I laughed. Luke and I walked down to the basement where there was a set of drums, a bass, 4 microphones, and a few guitars. There stood Ashton, Michael, and another boy who had tan skin, plump pink lips, and chocolate eyes. He saw me and smiled.

"Ash who's this?"the boy asked winking at me. My eyes grow wide as he laughed. 

"I'm Calum. What's your name?"he asked me. 

"Amnesia. It's nice to meet you Calum,"I respond to Calum. 

Jesus puberty hit these boys hard. Like a train of male testosterone crashed into them. Like they're really hot. 

Ash snapped his fingers in front of my face,"Hey did you hear me?"he asked as the others laughed at me. My face goes red and i walk out the room clearly pissed and embarrassed. PMS? I don't even know anymore. 

"Amie wait I'm sorry they're all assholes!"Ashton said trying to catch up with me. I flip him off as I walk faster down the street. 

"Where are you going to go? Huh! Its not like you can run to your mommy! Because you know what Amnesia She killed herself in an alleyway a year after you and your father left!"Ashton shouted clearly pissed off. 


He stopped in his tracks shocked at what i just said to him. "Fine i guess you can go rot in a ditch because its not like I care. Good luck finding a place to live,"he said before turning around and walking home. 

I don't know when it started raining or when i started breaking down. I remember a creek Ash, Luke, and I found when we were kids. I always went there when I had a bad day and I couldn't go home. 


I climbed the tall tree that hung over the creek and sat on a branch were no one could find me, but it's not like anyone would come looking for me anyways. 

Luke's POV

Ashton walked in wet and Amnesia wasn't with him. 

"Ashton where's Amnesia?"Calum asked clearly confused about the situation. I knew just where to go. I grabbed my jacket and started running down to the old creek we found when we were kids. 


I got to the creek and i heard crying coming from the tree and i knew it was Amnesia.

"Amie come on down. It's just me no one else came with me,"I said as she poked her head out the branches. Jesus she's a fucking monkey she was at the top of the tree. She started down the tree. As I stood here in the rain waiting I realized that I had to have feelings for her if I came all the way out here for her. 

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