Amnesia Wilson was only 12 when her parents got in a fight causing her and her dad to move to New York. When Ashton found out that she was moving his was heart broken.

"Who will be there to help with bullies? Amie I don't have any other friends."
"Ash you're a year older than me. You'll be a freshman in a few weeks and I'll be in 8th grade. You have to understand that I can't be there for you all the time. Even if the world died and we're the only ones left or I move and never see you again you have to understand."

Warning mature content such as sex scenes, self harm, drugs, and cursing are in this book


7. S ! X <not in my head>

*You're so out of reach and Im*

*Finding it hard cause you* 

*Make me feel like I try*

*Like I try like I'm*

*Trying too hard*



Luke's  POV

I felt really bad about the way I treated Amnesia last night. I really fucked up. And my fucked up mind just a great fucking friendship. I'm just not in my head. I really hope she doesn't hate me for what I did to her. The way I used her. The way I was a dick to her. I mean she is amazing and I wish she could look at me the same. I really want to stay friends with her. Everyone needs an Amnesia. Someone who is like her. Kind. Gentle. Funny. Beautiful. Actually scratch that she is a goddess. 

I started walking towards Ashton's house for practice. I was called about some ep. I haven't the boys yet but I'm pretty sure they'll freak the fuck out. But she'll be there and I'm not ready to face her. Not yet. What do I say? How do I act?

I was so deep into thought that I didn't realize that I was at Ashton's place. I saw Mikey's car and Calum's bike in Ashton's driveway. I knocked. Fuck why did I do that I never knock. Ashton answered his face turned to one of confusion.

"Dude you know you can just walk in right?"he said as if it were obvious. 'Well it is dumbass' my subconscious snarls at me.

I just nodded my head as Ash opened the doorway so I could enter. And I walked in immediately going downstairs to meet the boys for practice. She was sitting there on her phone giving a small smile at some of the things she saw on instagram. Calum nudged me trying to tell me to go talk to her.

"Alright guys lets get started,"Ash said as he walked to his drum set. She looked up from her phone and smiled at Ashton. i dropped my stuff on the floor and picked up one of the acoustics while Michael got the other.

"Let's do Gotta Get Out,"I suggested. (AN I am literally sitting here crying. YES I AM CRYING because i'm listening to the unplugged version of gotta get out rn)

Even when the sky is falling down 

Even when the Earth is crumbling 'round my feet

Even when we try to say goodbye

And you cut the tension with a knife in here

'Cause i know what'll happen 

If we get through this

And if the Earth ends up crumbling down to it's knees, baby

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out

And if these skyscrapers tumble down and crash around baby 

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out 

'Cause i feel so damn lost 

And it comes with the cost with being alone

Everything is falling down 

We're suffering, helpless thoughts and 

Out we sing, prayers go to the sky

And if the Earth ends up crumbling down to its knees, baby 

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out 

(gotta get gotta get gotta get out)

If these skyscrapers tumble down and crash around baby

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out 

And if we fall

It's not your fault

Shadows covering

Our selfish foes

And as our love,

Can go out on a high note

Even when the sky is falling down

Even when the earth is crumbling 'round my feet

Around my feet

And if the earth ends up crumbling down to it's knees then baby

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out

(gotta get, gotta get, gotta get out)

And If these skyscrapers, tumble down and crash around baby

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out

We did a couple more after that.

Amnesia's POV

I started cheering as the boys ended. They smiled but I could tell Luke's wasn't real. Like I said I'm a pro at faking things. So I can tell a real smile from a fake. 

"Guys I have something to tell you,"Luke said. They turned to look at him. 

"I got a call last night from a very important person."He continued,"asking if we would like to record an ep at their studio." Silence. That was all i heard.

"Holy shit,"I heard Michael say under his breath. "HOLY SHIT LUKE YOURE KIDDING RIGHT!"

"Nah dude I'm being serious,"Luke replied.











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