Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out



So after I change into my bikini I feel like I'm to you know heavy. So I just throw on a pair of shorts and a shirt over my swim suit.

The boys were already down there waiting for me. We head down the sandy and grassy hill.

"So this is are last day here?"

"Sure is princess"Harry says

While all the boys run into the water and act like idiots I sit in the sand disgusted in myself.

"Hey Lou? Can you come here"I yell to him

"COOOMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG"he yells sassily. "How come you're not in the water?"

" I feel like I'm to fat to go Lou... I'm ashamed." I say and look down he pulls me into a hug. " come on boo i can always see your ribs you're perfect"

"Thanks Louis "

" now let's goooo"

I take off my shirts and shorts and head towards the water. All of the guys are staring except Harry. " stop staring at my sister!"


Hey guys thanks so much for 2k reads. I will be trying to update more. I wrote another fan fic called cal's lil sis. So if you wanna check it out that would be great. Thank you guys love ya❤️

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