Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out


7. tour

lauryn's POV: "uuggggggg  NIALL move the hell over!!!" "no.Haryy your sister is being mean to me" " love you Niall" i poke my tounge to him and i start being tickled to death "p-ple-please stop can't breath" with that he stoped. Today we are going to the amusement park. We a pile into the car and head their. "Can we go on all the rides?" "sure can short stuff" cal says when we get there 5 girls run up and they ask for auto graphs. I just stare because they look like clowns with all that caked on makeup on. "Oh who is that peice of garbage standing their?" "i'm so not the peice of garbage here. You are the one with what 20 pounds of makeup on and btw i think you have a little something right here" i reached over and punched her straight in the mouth. Now every one is high fiving me and laughing at my come back. After all the rides we head to the venue for the concert. While they head to the dressing rooms i fool around and play with the instruments and sing. Then i hear clapping from behind me. Iturn around and i see mikey with his phone video taping. I run up and tackle him but it's to late he sent it to all the boys and his friends. "you're a dead man Clifford"

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