Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out


1. orphanage

                      Authors note: hey guys this is my first movella i hope you enjoy and to let you know i am not trying to use ashtons sisters life im using mine and everything like that. enjoy xoxox


    Lauryn's POV: hey guys i'm Lauryn I'm 13. I like movies,sports, and bands. I have ambrayed hair golden eyes and that's all for now. It was a calm morning in the orphanage whe i hear Mary the foster home come up to me."hey i have good news!" she said excitedly. and I know what it is but i play it off." really what is it?" i say calmly  "you are getting adopted by 4 boys to be their new sister. So start packing kiddo"

    Ashtons POV: Guys hurry up we need to get their to pick up Lauryn." sometimes these guys i swear will be the death of me. "coming" they all shout they were just finishing her room. "i cant wait to have a little sister to protect and love." calum gushed

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