Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out


5. meeting 1D

            Lauryns POV: "oh hi i'm Lauryn.But not to be rude why are you in my  bedroom?" Ashton starts cracking up like he new they were going to be in here. After they all leave the room i shower then get dressed. "Do I smell food!!" Nialls ears perk up when i say that he picks me up and runs into the kitchen. At this point we are both laughing our arses off. "Hey mate careful with our sis, we don't need any broken bones." luke says "ok sorry man" He looks at me and now i'm dying laughing. After breakfast i ask if we can play futboll and then swim. i get in my bikini and put some jean shorts and a crop top then just throw my hair in a messy bun.\

    "Ok I think that Louis and Lauryn should be team captains." Niall states.I was excited to play because i've never played with them before. Here are the teams

-Lauryns team: Calum, Harry,Luke

-Louis team: Mikey, Ash,Liam

- niall called ref

"Ok lets start" me and lou start off with the ball and i steal it and pass to harry, harry passes it to luke and we score a goal. "Yessssssss we scored, good job guys!" so we played for about an hour more then the pool. I stayed in the shallow end while everyone else was in the deep end. I hate the fact that i can't swim well. Harry comes over and starts talking to me. "What's wrong love" he asks calmly "nothing just thinking about how stupid i am because i cant swim well." "you are not stupid but how come you never learned to exceed your swimming?" " because i got bullied at school and i was never comfortable to go swimming cuz i thought i  was to ugly" great now i'm in tears. I just get out of the pool and run inside and lock my bedroom door and cry. I hear a settle knock i look through the peep hole to see harry. " coming i yell well more like a choke up. "hey hey hey don't cry please don't cry love. It's okay everything will be okay" after he left one by one other start coming in. We have a movie night in my room Harry ,Ash and Louis are all in my bed with me because the floor wasn't good enough for them. I fell asleep on harry i eventually moved over  back into the middle. Ashton fell off the bed. i fall back asleep remembering we leave tomorrow. Good thing Cal told me to get extra presents. I wake up but keep my eyes closed because i hear everyone talking i roll over into harry's chest and he start stroking my hair then i hear cameras going off and flashes. Then i sit up and say good morning. " get your lazy fat arse up we have to leave in ten minutes. If you think i'm going to get dressed yore wrong. "is it okay if i stay in my sweat pants and tank top but i just throw my ugs on?" "yea of coarse "

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