Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out


6. He's What

Harrys POV: We leave the house and Lauryn is struggling carrying all the boxes. I grab 3 boxes Louis grabs3 and Lauryn is left with 2. "Thanks"she says softly. "no problem" i feel like the boys are hiding something from me about her. When we get to the private jet Cal and I stand on both sides of her and Luke, Ash,Mikey form around us. The fans are crazy and i dont want to see her get hurt. We board the plane and take a seat. Everyone plugs their earphones in, except me and Laur. I ask her if she wants to meet my mum and she said sure. "hi mum!" "Hi love- why is that slut with you?!!" Lauryn gets up and runs off in tears. "Really!! She's 13 fucking years old and you say that to her. I'm done with you." I get up and go to lauryn. I sit in front of her strokeing her hair hugging her and telling her it's alright.

Mikeys POV:" Wake up everyone it's Christmas get up get up!!! " We arrived at the house we will be staying at for a week and i'm pumped. I can't wait to give Harry his present. 

Nialls POV: I can't wait to see Harry's reaction this should be a great one this year. Except his mum isn't coming i heard they got in a fight last night at least he still has us.

Lauryn's POV: Me and Harry walk down the stairs because no one bothered to tell us to wake up. I run to Cal and the boys and hug them all. I love them so much. We all get our presents and open them. It was the best present ever. But then the boys said that they have a surprise for me and Hazza. When we opened the letters i couldn't believe what i saw. "He's my brother!!"  I hug him tightly then run up and hug the boys and tell them i love them sooooo much and i couldn't thank them more.

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