Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out


9. extention

lauryn: it was the day after the concert i was hanging out with hazz and the 5sos boys because they are just like brothers to me. "hey laur your birthday is coming up and we were wondering what you wanted"Lukey asked. "just to have fun on vacation with all of my favorite people." i say kindly Louis comes bardging in and asks to talk to me. "soooooo you are turning 14 soon so i was wondering what you want." "anything lou" i kissed him on the cheek and walked back

harry's pov:

"Everyone get up we have to leave in 5 minutes" liam calls up. I walk into lauryn's room and see that she is still asleep. I go into her closet and grab her ugs. I slip them on grab her jack wills sweat shirt put it on her and leave with her in my arms. "hey niall can you run up and grab her bag?" "yea sure anything for your princess" I walk out to the car and let her lay on me and lou. When she's still asleep everyone grabs their phone and starts snapping photots. "she's so cute when she sleeps" mikey and ash say "i know." "i'd hate to see anything happen to her" "we all would she's like a little sister to us all" cal says and they all nod in return.

                                                                          5 hours later

Lauryns pov: "morning dudes" i get a bunch of excited hi's and mornings. "Why are you all so excited?" "it' s your birthday today silly. Duh>" louis says in state of the fact tone. "Oh yea" they all laugh. We board off the plane and we are know in L.A. we get on a boat and go to a private island off of  it. we get their and they yell at me to shut my eye's. "ok you will get all of your presents down on the beach" Luke said. He leads me down to the beach and i sit. I hug him and thank him for looking out for me "hey hey no need to thank me i'd do anything for you" he said

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