Adopted By Who?!?

hey I'm 13 and i am an orphan. what happens when 5sos decides to adopt me as their new little sister.
Read to find out


11. expantion

lukes pov: we spend the night on the beach under the stars around the campfire. Lauryn goes into the water and i follow. I pick her up and twirl her. She giggles and i laugh. I think she likes me and thats ok because i like her to. " Luke will you please put me down" "sure thing sweet thing" we head back and harry puts a towel around her.we roast marsh mallows and sing songs. niall decides we play tag. We all agree. Niall counts  Lauryn, me and louis start running to find a spot. Louis and i get a little ahead and hear a painful scream. We all bolt towards the noise lauryn is laying there and says "i think i broke my ankle" between sobs. "everyone get inthe car and meet us at the hospital. At the hospital doctors and nurses rush her into surgery. A couple hours later a doctor comes out and tells us she's fine. We all enter her room with cards. "i feel a group hug coming on" zayn yells.

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