I was told I was perfect

Nobody has a perfect life, every story always has another angle.
Amanda was a senior. A senior with the perfect life. She had straight A´s, she was rich, had over 10k followers on all her social media and had the perfect dream boyfriend. Everyone wanted to be her, be her friend, they saw what Amanda wanted them to see, her perfect image.
Amanda was the strongest face of her school, until the walls came crumbling down. Dragging her down.


1. #1 Pilot

Dear Diary. Its me Nicole.

A lot of people must hate me. I know for a fact all of my friends completely despise me. I don't know why I even hang out with them? I know for a fact they wouldn't think twice about strangling me. I never did anything bad, I never bullied them, spread rumors or made fun of them publicly. I never do anything actually to get noticed, people just seem to like me. That has both positives and negatives. I know everyone I call my "friends" only hang out with me to get popular or for homework help. If I wasn't considered "cool" I know Courtney wouldn't sit with me at lunch, nor would the rest of my long list of friends even say hi to me by the lockers. 

The only one I actually trust at the moment is Zac. Zac as everyone in school knows is my boyfriend. I don't know how it happened but one day he was just there, holding my hand as he walked me to class. Zac has the most perfect eyes, his blue eyes and brown hair is the true meaning of cute Tumblr boy. I know pretty much every girl in school is jealous. Courtney (my closest but fakest friend) has told me so, she always calls me during night to gossip about all the new things she hears around school. Sometimes I just think she makes it up, she tries to make me start false rumors about people she dosent like. I pity Courtney, everything she cares about is fitting in, making people like her, and at the end of the day Destroy me.




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