Elemental Rule

Which element is stronger?


2. Yuki the Snow Child

My name is Yuki. I have no last name, but in my past life, I was known by a different name , but I seriously don't remember. I'm a cat now. A snow cat. Well, a ghost. And no, not the kind of ghost that goes haunting and ooooo-ing at things. The kind of ghost that I am is the kind that has powers close to those of a god. In the past, a little over a thousand years ago, we were worshiped by humans as gods. But none of us ever said we were gods. We're merely a rare being of people who just happen to have godly powers. But eventually, we did evolve to being known as gods. There are different species of us. I am a snow type ghost. 


I'm over five hundred years old and I have traveled along with my friend, Killstar since we both met two hundred years ago. You can say that he and I are actually boyfriends. I love Kil, but... I also keep with him because I want to make sure he isn't doing anything bad. Kil  was raised by dragons and acts on instinct. And so, he is a blood thirsty killer. He doesn't like it when someone else comes near me. He's very clingy and possessive and... well, I love him no matter what. I want to protect him as best I can.


"Yuki, why are you smiling?" Kil asked as we flew over the newest town. I looked at him and smiled even more. 


"No reason," I said. I was just happy that we finally had a break of all the Thunderclapstar's attacks. Seriously... Thunderclapstar is Killstar's father. He and my father were gods before us. We took over their places after they were accused of... doing sinful stuff in the sacred area of the Temple of Gods. That was an accusation and Killstar and I believe they were false. Killstar's adoptive father was a dragon., as I said earlier. He and Killstar trained each other in the inside of a volcano. Sounds nice. Though I wouldn't be able to take the heat since... well, I'm ice. Now you must wonder why him and I are in love, right? Well, we may be fire and ice, but the two of us don't think that way at all. We love each other. Also, I do think that his character traits are pretty adorable. He once killed a k]girl who I was talking to because he wanted me to pay attention to him. We got in trouble years after. Kil and I have traveled around the world looking for friends and new events. We've met so many people and eaten so many different kinds of foods that... well, he and I decided to take a little break. So, the first place we're vising is a town called Firehouse. It sounds interesting and not very towny the name is. But I'm still pretty excited. 


He smiled and asked, "Ready?"


I nodded and he dove down. Always so reckless he is. I smiled and let myself fall after him. As we lost altitude, I remembered that not many humans like the sight of ghosts. So, I called for Killstar to stop. He came to a fast halt over a building and looked up at me. I leveled myself down to him and landed on the rooftop. I sighed with relief and said, "Gomene. I was panicked."


He smiled and hugged me. I blushed and hugged back. 


"You're too cute, Yuki. Come on."


He changed his appearance so that he was wearing different clothes than before. I liked seeing him transform his appearance. It's always like a bunch of fireflies were flying around him. His clothes melt away as though they['re being eaten by flames and I like it. It's very pretty. My transformation is like how snow falls from the sky. It usually freezes a small area around me, but it doesn't last long. 


"Ready?" I asked as I pushed my long white ponytail behind me and followed him off of the roof. Of course, we used the door leading inside. We always seem to find and land on buildings like these... so weird. 


"Ne, Kil," I said. 


"What is it?" he leaped from the top stair and landed with a heap of dust at the bottom. I jumped as well so that I wouldn't lose him and landed gently without a sound beside him. Snow is quiet unlike fire you see.


"Do you want to find the children of the elements?" I asked. I knew that the Children of the Elements were ruled out to just be a myth, but every time I thought about them, I felt that there was more to that. 


"Sure," Killstar said without hesitation. I stared at his back as he walked a bot ahead of me and noticed a small change in his posture. He looked tense and he didn't bother noticing when I put my hand into his. I quickly took it away blushing deeply. The other problem of having pale naturally white skin that was almost as white as the snow itself was that I couldn't hide my blush as well as Killstar whose skin was like chocolate. But he was still adorable when he blushed. 


I giggled at the thought and Kil turned and looked at me.


"Are you okay?"


"Yeah," I said smiling. "I was just thinking about something."


"Oh?" He smirked his always so cute smirks and pulled me to him. I blushed crimson red and he kissed me. I felt my body grow hot and before he could do anything else, someone cleared their throat behind us. We parted and looked at who it was. It was a guy and his hair was green like shrubs. That was weird. But then again, I had snow-white hair. That's even weirder. 


"Please refrain from doing that way in the school," he said. Kil and I looked at each other with wide eyes and he chucked. 


"It seems school is calling for us, Yuki," he said. 


I nodded agreeing. Then I looked at the green-haired guy and asked where we were. 


He looked at me as though I'd spoken an alien language and realized I'd spoken in ancient Ghost Dialect. I opened my mouth to speak, but he spoke before me.


"This is a very sacred school and we appreciate having good morals," he said.


"Sacred?" I asked.


"That's because this school is the only school in town that lets its students study myths and legends as well as the supernatural."


"What have you learned that interest you?" I asked curiously.


"About the Ghosts and Element Children. Hey... why am I even talking to you two? You're outsiders. What are-"


"W-wait..." I said.


"You learn about Ghosts here?"


"Yeah.... wait. Not ghosts like the haunting spirits."


"We know what you mean," I said. "Do you perhaps think we could stick around?"


"I don't-"


"Please?" I asked using my feminine charm. Yes I know that's cheating.


"YUKI!" Killstar growled behind me.


"Your name is Yuki?" the boy asked. He smiled and said, "That's very cute. My  name is Terence. I specialize in Earth study."


"Wow. That's pretty cool." I smiled and looked at Kil and mouthed for him to be tolerant for a bit. But the dark look on his face said he didn't agree with what I was doing. Not like I did either.


"Earth is it?"


"Yes. I study Earth growth."


"Ehh... So, tell me something. What have you learned about Ghosts?"


"Well, not much. Just that they're like the Greek Gods. And they're mostly myths and gone."


"Excuse me? Since when are we put at the same level as those imbecile Greeks?" Killstar growled. His eyes turned red and I immediately moved away from Terence and hugged Killstar


"Kill-chan. Lets go." I pulled him along. I felt his skin burning my palms, but I didn't care. Once we were away from Terence's sight, I stopped and turned to Killstar. 


"Please don't become Killerstar..." I mumbled. I put both my hands on his cheeks and stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. I felt his body temperature start to drop.


Well, I thought. Looks like we've found our first element.


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