Being married to Justin Bieber

Willa Cohen is a normal 14 year old until she gets married to Justin Bieber!!


3. Cheater !!

Willa's pov 

"What's your phone password?" I asked Justin "eight two four one " he replied . I tried it and it unlocked !! I saw texts between him and Selena!!! They were romantic texts !!! "You cheater !!! I can't believe I loved you " I said angrily  and I slapped him. 


Justin's pov 

Willa slapped me and it hurt  !!! "Willa baby I'm sorry,I won't ever do that again " I said "you promise?" She said "yesh" I said  "ok " she said!!! 

Willa's pov  

He finally promised not to cheat on me !!

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