The Unbroken Cycle

Victoria Silverstone is a 40 something divorcee and mom of 5 living in rural Pennsylvania and working as a retail manager. She had her first child aged 16, just like her mother had her at 16 and she is desperate to break the cycle when it comes to her own children. But when her 16 year old daughter breaks the news of a lifetime, will she ever think the cycle may break one day?


5. The truth hurts

Victoria and Evelyn had just arrived home after an awkward encounter with the Walmart cashier and Evelyn was about to take the one test that would change her life forever. "Do you know how to use it?" Victoria asked through the bathroom door. "I have done one before, mom."  She said ripping open the box. "Just tell me when your ready to come out, ok? I'll be right outside." Victoria said. 

10 minutes passed and the test had obviously come back negative or positive but Evelyn was probably to shocked or overjoyed to come out. "Evie, are you ok?" Victoria asked through the door. "I don't know." She heard mumbled through the door. "Do you want me to come in?" She asked. "I'll come out." Evelyn said, the bathroom door slowly unlocking and opening. "So?" Victoria asked. Evelyn just passed over the test and ran towards her room. Victoria looked down at her hands. Positive. "Oh crap." Victoria thought. 

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