The Unbroken Cycle

Victoria Silverstone is a 40 something divorcee and mom of 5 living in rural Pennsylvania and working as a retail manager. She had her first child aged 16, just like her mother had her at 16 and she is desperate to break the cycle when it comes to her own children. But when her 16 year old daughter breaks the news of a lifetime, will she ever think the cycle may break one day?


4. Sit down

A week had passed since Victoria had spoken to Taylor so she was sitting down with Evelyn to talk about all things woman. "What's up, mom?" Evelyn asked, engrossed in her phone. "I just wanted to have a little talk about woman things." Victoria said. "Oh god." Evelyn said, looking up from her phone in disgust. "What? I just want to know we're on the same page about things." Victoria said. "Ok..." Evelyn said, putting her phone down onto the couch. "Are you using birth control?" Victoria asked. "How do you know I'm having sex?" Evelyn asked. "Come on, Evelyn. I've washed your sheets before." "God, mom TMI! No I'm not using the pill or anything but we've got condoms I guess. Why are you asking me this anyway?" She asked. "I just want to make sure you don't end up pregnant, that's all." "Well, about that..." Evelyn began. "No, Evelyn. Don't tell me you are!" "I don't know yet. I haven't gotten round to buying a test." Evelyn sighed. "We'll go get one, but if your pregnant Evelyn I don't even know how I'll react!" Victoria yelled, grabbing her keys. 

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