The Unbroken Cycle

Victoria Silverstone is a 40 something divorcee and mom of 5 living in rural Pennsylvania and working as a retail manager. She had her first child aged 16, just like her mother had her at 16 and she is desperate to break the cycle when it comes to her own children. But when her 16 year old daughter breaks the news of a lifetime, will she ever think the cycle may break one day?


2. School Run

It was a typical Monday in the Silverstone house. Victoria getting up and getting ready for work at 6 and attempting to get all the girls up, dressed and fed before their friends or the school bus arrived to pick them up. At 6:20, after getting out the shower, she banged on Alexis, Evelyn and Olivia's individual doors. "Alexis Marie Oakley! Evelyn Lauryn Silverstone! Olivia Violet Buxton! Get up and get ready for school! Your first class it at 8:45, Alexis!" She yelled. She then saw Evelyn walk like a zombie out of her room, quickly slamming the door when she saw her mom. Her dyed silver-blonde hair was overly messy and her pyjamas were her boyfriend, Dylan's shirt and her underwear. Alexis then appeared, her dyed black and real ombré hair in a messy bun and last nights makeup still covering her face. She raced past Evelyn into the bathroom, probably to shower and throw up. Olivia was last to appear, her wild brown hair curled as she must have already been in the shower, and she headed straight downstairs for food.

At 7:30, a fully made up and dressed Victoria woke Brielle and got her an outfit out of the closet. Brielle was downstairs fast, her denim shorts on backwards, her brown hair I brushed and her checked shirt half buttoned. Victoria quickly brushed Brielle's hair and shoved a beanie on her head and fixed her clothes before handing out breakfast. Olivia went and got dressed before breakfast, so she wore a white cami, black shorts and some white sandals. Her hair was in a pony tail and her makeup was just powder, winged eyeliner, mascara and pale pink lipstick. Alexis came down next in a floral print dress and white sandals, her hair was loose and curled and her makeup was foundation, smoky eye makeup and nude lipstick. As the girls shovelled down breakfast, Victoria called Evelyn multiple times as she probably fell asleep doing her extensive makeup. "Evelyn! Cara will be here soon, get your ass down here!" She yelled. Evelyn then appeared in a baggy sweater, blue shorts and black sandals. Her hair was curled and loose and her makeup was full on: foundation, powder, contour powder, filled in eyebrows, smokey eyes, winged eyeliner and berry lipstick. "Jesus Evelyn, how does the school let you get away with that makeup!" Alexis yelled. "They don't care, besides the makeup keeps Dylan attracted." Evelyn laughed, grabbing some toast and heading straight to the door, her backpack on her back and her iphone firmly in her empty hand. "K bye then!" Victoria yelled. "Is she the worst out of us all?" Alexis asked. "Oh yea." Victoria said. "Now hurry up, or you'll miss class." 



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