The Unbroken Cycle

Victoria Silverstone is a 40 something divorcee and mom of 5 living in rural Pennsylvania and working as a retail manager. She had her first child aged 16, just like her mother had her at 16 and she is desperate to break the cycle when it comes to her own children. But when her 16 year old daughter breaks the news of a lifetime, will she ever think the cycle may break one day?


3. Mother and Daughter

Tonight was just a Victoria and Taylor night. Evelyn was at Dylan's, Olivia was at a friends, Alexis was out partying and Brielle was with her dad in the Mount Pocono house which used to be Victoria's. Taylor was only visiting for the weekend from Miami where she was living with her boyfriend and her 2 year old son, Parker. 

"So how's it been recently?" Taylor asked. "Evelyn's been getting worse day by day. She's only been suspended once this year but she's been in more detentions than I have relationships, she's been drinking and smoking, God she's most likely going to be pregnant next!" Victoria said, taking a sip of wine. "Don't say that mom! Me and Alexis have gotten through our teenage years childless, don't jinx it for Evie, Olivia and Brie." She says. "It's been waiting to happen since you were all born. You were destined to follow in my footsteps, I'm just glad you waited." Victoria said to her daughter. "Do you think she is if your saying she probably is?" Taylor asked. "Honestly, I do. She's at Dylan's more and more and I know she's been 'active' since middle school!" Victoria said, beginning to cry. "Mom, she'll be careful. She isn't the type to be a mom so young." Taylor said, hugging her mother. "All I can do is worry, I don't want her to ruin her life." Victoria wailed. Evelyn being pregnant was totally what she needed now. Not. 

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