The Unbroken Cycle

Victoria Silverstone is a 40 something divorcee and mom of 5 living in rural Pennsylvania and working as a retail manager. She had her first child aged 16, just like her mother had her at 16 and she is desperate to break the cycle when it comes to her own children. But when her 16 year old daughter breaks the news of a lifetime, will she ever think the cycle may break one day?


1. Meet The Silverstone's

Hi, I'm Victoria Silverstone. I'm 40 years old and mother to 5 girls: 24 year old Taylor, 18 year old Alexis, 16 year old Evelyn, 15 year old Olivia and 8 year old Brielle. I was 16 when I gave birth to Taylor, my mom was 16 when I was born and I was glad that my two daughters, Taylor and Alexis got through their 16th year childless. 

I was born in Belfast, Pennsylvania, but when I had Taylor, I moved to Pittsburgh to be with her father, my first husband, Adam. After I had Alexis with my next boyfriend, Danny, I went to Whitehall and lived their for 2 years until Evelyn was born. Evelyn's dad left as soon as I had her, so I headed towards Carroll Valley where I lived for 6 years until I divorced Olivia's father, Brent. 2 years later, I married Brielle's father, Scott and had Brielle. We were married 5 years and lived in Mount Pocono. We divorced and I headed towards New Castle where I've lived since the divorce. I've moved around Pennsylvania that much, I'm 5 hours away from everyone I know. 

All I've tried to do for my daughters is make them be 0% like me and all I've wanted them to do is be happy and not be moms when they aren't ready, but with Evelyn having a boyfriend and acting crazier than ever, I'm starting to think my job as a mom hasn't been completed to its full potential. 

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