I'll be fine with that

Plz read the first chapter for Info.This is kinda like a Q&A,By;Meerkat6620 and Kitten sneezes


1. info

This book we'll be like a Q&A.There will be a chapter like bugs,and then I would ask Kitten sneeze(it is a nick name for a Friend) a question like "what would happen if u got a worm in your hair?" She would answer "" or something like no,no comment,a comment about the thought that she had.The first chapter would be"kidnapped" so I would ask her questions like "what would happen if you got kidnapped by...".If I will let you guys know what the chapter is before hand so you guys and girls can give me some questions to ask kitten.In the comments you can give me questions and chapter's for the future .If you send in a question your in app name we'll be under the question.

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