The Princess Bride: Into the future

I am a huge Princess Bride fan. So last year A.B.19 and I wrote a story about us meeting the main characters in the Princess Bride. It is totally random and not very... accurate. But it's a good read for anyone who needs to laugh at someone else's stupidness. So yeah... Hope you enjoy!


7. Chapter 6 - The meet and Greet

      Point of View - Shelly


      Back in our own time at Jay's horse ranch we all sat down. Well I did because I was still feeling a little lightheaded after fainting. While I sat and recovered Jay went off to get me some tea, while Westley stood and admired the horses. "How are you feeling?" Jay asked sitting down and handing me the cup of tea. "Better," I said. I didn't know how I felt. I was ecstatic, yet worried, bursting with joy, and mortally terrified that we had done something wrong. Eh, I'll get over it. We had lunch, explained a few things to Westley, and went horseback riding. It was probably the best day of my life... or so I thought.

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