The Princess Bride: Into the future

I am a huge Princess Bride fan. So last year A.B.19 and I wrote a story about us meeting the main characters in the Princess Bride. It is totally random and not very... accurate. But it's a good read for anyone who needs to laugh at someone else's stupidness. So yeah... Hope you enjoy!


6. Chapter 5 The Travel Back

      Point of View - Jay


      When I heard him say that I flipped. I had no idea that he would say yes. I looked over at Shelly and she looked completely love struck because right after that she fainted. I was terrified. What if she didn't wake up in time. Will we be stuck here for ever? Questions kept running through my mind until she woke up. "Are you okay, madam?" Westley asked. After that she nearly fainted again. "Okay guys are you ready?" I asked. They nodded "Then lets get out of here!" I grabbed Shelly's wrist. "3" She grabbed Westley's hand. "2" I closed my eyes. "1" We were gone.

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