The Princess Bride: Into the future

I am a huge Princess Bride fan. So last year A.B.19 and I wrote a story about us meeting the main characters in the Princess Bride. It is totally random and not very... accurate. But it's a good read for anyone who needs to laugh at someone else's stupidness. So yeah... Hope you enjoy!


3. Chapter 2 - The Preperations

Point of view:  Jayleen

     I walked around my horse farm talking to all of my horses. "So Peppy, how have you been girl?" I asked. It had been a while since I had ridden her. Her beautiful hazel main shown in the morning sun. Her chocolate colored body showed her strong muscles when she ran. She was a beautiful Rock Mountain horse, show stopper if you know what I mean. I was sattling her up when I heard footsteps entering the stable, it was beautiful blonde haired, 23 year old Shelly. "Ready for the preparations?" she asked. 

    "Yeah, I've got all of the food, clothing and everything else." I said.

    "And don't forget what were doing when we get there." She reminded me for the thousandth time that morning. "Right, find Westley, convince him to come with us without Buttercup watching."

    "That's right," Shelly said smiling.

     I was really fearing that it was going to be a long and boring trip with Shelly.


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