The Princess Bride: Into the future

I am a huge Princess Bride fan. So last year A.B.19 and I wrote a story about us meeting the main characters in the Princess Bride. It is totally random and not very... accurate. But it's a good read for anyone who needs to laugh at someone else's stupidness. So yeah... Hope you enjoy!


1. About the story

     So I Ms. Greenkins am probably the biggest Princess Bride fan ever. So A.B.19 and I wrote this story about what it would be like if we met the characters in real life. So this is a fanfiction about my obsession and A.B.19's weirdness. We also had to change our names in this story for safety purposes. So Ms. Greenkins is Shelly and A.B.19 is Jayleen or Jay for short. 

     Now... ONTO THE STORY!!


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