Hidden Secrets

Tanner, Ruby, and Sapphire are a normal family who moved into a house in a small town, but there are some secrets that lie beneath the mask. Ruby is 17 years old and has the supernatural gift of destruction and is suppose to go dark. She is pretty rebelling while her younger sister is a goody-2-shoes. Sapphire is 15 years old and has the opposite gift. She is a giver of light and life. Their Father Tanner is having to guide them and help them control their special abilities. They are not really good at hiding their powers because it can activate on emotions. When a certain building is destroyed, people start pointing fingers. Trust is broken, Hearts are hurt, and some weird stuff happen. Read to find out more...If you dare.


1. The awakening of a new life

 Tanner walked up the stairs and down the hall. "Another day, another nickle" He mumbled under his breath as he opened the door. "Ruby, Sapphire, It's time to get up. I was thinking on going to town and looking around. Maybe buy some groceries." He said and walked away to get ready himself. Sapphire sat up and stretched while ruby was still asleep. Sapphire got out of bed and walked over to Ruby's bed. "Ruby Wake Up!" Sapphire shouted into Ruby's ear who shot out of bed in fear. "Sapph" Ruby growled before she began to chase Sapphire. Tanner walked in and smiled at the two childish teens. "You all better be getting ready?" He said. "We'll be down in five" They both said. He chuckled before walking off. Ruby dressed up in a very short skirt and tank top. She put her hair into a bun while Sapphire put on long pants, a t-shirt and a pair of vans and threw her hair into a pony tail. They went downstairs and to the front door where Tanner was waiting. He gave ruby a disapproving look before sighing. "Get in the car" He said and then they went on to town. When they got to town Tanner got out and gave them both some money. "We meet here at the car in 30 minutes" Tanner said and they nodded and turned around to leave. "Oh and no talking to boys" Tanner called giving a look to Ruby who just shrugged it off. They quickly walked off and soon found themselves in a town square. "So, where do you want to check our first? I saw an ice cream shop on our way here. Maybe we can stop there first" Sapphire said excitement all over her face while Ruby ignored her and starred at something. Sapphire followed her gaze to a group of guys who wore ripped jeans and tanks and were grinning, waving, and winking back. Sapphire rolled her eyes and got in Ruby's way. "Listen, if you are gonna flirt with a guy then at least flirt with a guy who has taste and looks pretty decent rather then a low life" before storming off. Soon she had found the ice cream shop. They had over a hundred different flavors, but Sapphire had finally decided on mint chocolate chip. She made her way over to the counter and waited for someone. A girl came out of the door and bounced with excitement. "Hi my name is Fawn!!! What would you like?" The girl asked quickly. Sapphire told Fawn what she wanted.

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