survive the zombie apocalypse and find love

it says it all in the mumble i posted


2. 2

As I got to the front door I looked back and said "bye" then walked out and saw everyone was there Sam asked ''what's in your bags" I said all I had Rachel said "I knew I forget something mind if we share? (pads) I said no "so Rach you know where we're suppose to go" Josh asked as we got in her aunts black van "we're going to get the hell out of here so we dont get eaten okay? great" she said as she was driving Skye sat next to her,Sam,Josh and Jack sat in the middle together and I sat in the back with bags I put some headphones in my ears and played "Somebody told me" by Killers a little while later we were at this little blue house with a gate around it with sharp metal sticks growing through.Rachel told us her family had a safe house where on one knows about it the only ones who knew was her and her dad.Rachel said "there's only four room so two of us going to share" I said ''Im sharing with Rachel" Rachel " okay so lets get one of the rooms with bunk beds".We get out of the car and walked into the safe house then Rachel said oh yeah we dont have that much food here so we should get supplies later today so we'll be good" after we put all the can foods in the kitchen me and her to our room to put are bags in it. About two hours later I was in my room reading, Rachel was talking to Sam about who knows what, Josh was sleeping, Jack was playing a game in his room and Skye was drawing on Josh's face I stared to think what are we going to do for who knows how long.

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