survive the zombie apocalypse and find love

it says it all in the mumble i posted


1. 1

I was walking to school with my best friends Rachel (17),Sam(17),Josh(17),Skye(17) I'm the youngest I'm 16.So we were walking in the school gates Rachel was on her phone doing something and her face was pale so I asked her if she was okay and she showed us all her phone she was on her news app it said "leave the city people are eating each other " I looked up at everyone and asked "what're we going to do?" Rachel said "fight the dead" with a half smile "okay we need to get lets run home NOW" thank god we live a street down the school and close to each other so we ran down to are houses . As I ran into my house no one was home so I ran in my room I got a bag of pads,shoes,sock,big tee's,some jeans,and a solar power charger so we have music on are ipods, and books just case we're in a place with food and beds. My book bag had some canned foods and some water bottles.


Sorry it short 

but thanks for reading love ya so much

-DHemmings ( im not going to say my real name


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