Loves' a funny thing.

This will be something on going , since i don't have a full out plan on how this will end out. But, fair warning, this will have explicit content, such as sexual scenes, drug use and so on and so forth. Other then that, if you are interested in modern day supernatural lesbian fandoms then this is just what your looking for. Always looking for feedback.


1. Intro and Character Bios.


We'll start this off a little short, but you'll get to know them more as you keep reading i suppose. Also, these are just the few main characters. I'll post a picture for any new character that comes in that you'll want to remember.


Those are just the three main characters you need to know for the moment. Let's just get into the introduction!


Everything is so scary. I mean, I'm not afraid of everything, but being on the inside for so long... Everything on the outside is scary. Big cars are scary, big city's are scary, even most of these people are scary. Not necessarily they look scary. The big cars speeding past me on the street was too close for comfort. These big buildings in the city freak me out, just because i'm so used to being in a two story orphanage. And the people just... seem scary. The blonde lady walking past me in the airport today, she was the definition of, "If looks could kill." Her eyes when they locked into mine just shut me down. The big black guy who was security for my flight looked like he just had a bone to pick, or he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. His voice was such a low tone and his answers were more like barks. Trembling my soul on the inside. I'm not afraid of any of these things... but they scare me because i'm not used to it.

This is my first flight ever , from Miami, to Denver. Where I'll find my escort, then that's where I will make my way to a small town Called Manitou just passed Colorado Springs. The thought of all this just scares me. Maybe I am afraid of planes, heights, or maybe it's the whole situation that bothers me.

It was about an hour into my flight and it wasn't so bad. Other then the mad lady in the back who can't speak anything other than Russian, I think, and not being able to see the ocean anymore. I was pretty content. Leaning back with my headphones in, skipping through my playlist. Eventually I settled for an acoustic cover of "Reign Of Darkness by Thy Art is Murder." Though I couldn't handle listening to such heavy metal. "D at Sea" is much more pleasing. My eyes wondered into the window, only being able to see clouds was relaxing, yet threw me off slightly. I took a deep breath and sighed, closing the window. I can only see me sleeping this flight away without having a mental break down. Grabbing the blanket that was meant for my seat and curling up towards the closed window, I'd begin to shut my eyes. 

Can we just be there already.




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