Being Justin Bieber's cousin

Zabel is like any other girl her age ,expect she's Justin Bieber's cousin !! How will this affect her own life ?


1. What it's like being related to Justin Bieber

Zabel's pov 




As usual on Saturday I went on my phone when I heard a voice "Ellie" ,I could tell it was Justin because he's the only one that calls me that . I am related to Justin Bieber (yes the world famous pop star) . I haven't seen him since I was eleven !!! 

Justin's pov

Oh my god Zabel has grown so much ,her braces came off since the last time I saw her !!! I think she was more interested in my tattoos,than she was happy to see me . 

Zabel's pov

It's hard being related to someone famous,half of the people at my school try to be friends with me just to get to Justin!!!  



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