Being Justin Bieber's cousin

Zabel is like any other girl her age ,expect she's Justin Bieber's cousin !! How will this affect her own life ?


5. More revenge

Selena's pov

Zabel is sleeping,so it's perfect  time to get my revenge !! Hand in bowl of warm water trick . Classic . 

Zabel's pov  

 I noticed my bed was wet . I knew straight away Selena did the hand in warm water trick .

"JUSTIN!" I yelled . 


Justin's pov 

I heard Zabel calling my name , "oh my god ,Ellie what's wrong ?" I asked . "You need to get rid of Selena right now!!" I guess Zabel was right ,for a fourteen year old she's pretty smart . So I told Selena I never wanted anything to do with her again !!! 

Zabel's pov 

I was finally right about something !! 

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