Being Justin Bieber's cousin

Zabel is like any other girl her age ,expect she's Justin Bieber's cousin !! How will this affect her own life ?


2. Great .just great

Zabel's pov

"should I invite Selena to meet you or nah?" Justin asked me "no" I replied "too bad she's coming right now " he said . 

Selena's pov 

I can't wait to get my sweet sweet revenge on Zabel !!! 

Justin's pov 

Me and Zabel were talking,when Selena came bursting in !!! "Hi ,guys,this must be Izabel " Selena said. "Actually it's just Zabel" Zabel said correcting Selena . 

Zabel's pov 

"Justin break up with her now!!" I said ."ok" he said !!! God it took a long time !!!

Justin's pov 

"Let's go upstairs and do it " I said . So that's what me and Selena did . When I came downstairs Zabel was mad at me. "It took you five hours to break up with her?" She said. "No we 'did it'" I said .

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