Just Poetry

It's just my poetry really


2. Something Better

I only make my cuts deeper.
I only make my tears heavier.
I only make my breathing harder.

But somehow in the midst of it all
I've found hope.
I've found a way.

I no longer ignore my pain,
I know it's there.
I now accept it.

And I try to fix it.
I try to make it all better.
I put bandaids over all those cuts.

But bandaids don't fix everything.
They may cover the cuts
But what about my mind.

My distant mind.
Some call it crazy
I call it lost.

I try to forget you.
But you've been branded on my heart.
I can't say hello just to hear another goodbye.

There's gotta be something more.

Something worth it. 
Something better


 So this is an older poem of mine just thought I should get one up. I'll post some of my better ones and new ones later or tomorrow bye peoples

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