Just Poetry

It's just my poetry really


5. No title

Sitting in the pitch black of the night.
Locked away from the world
"They'll only judge me," you tell yourself.
You fill the emptiness with lies.
This numb pain of death buzzes in the air.
You're family has learned to forget you.
You're friends ignore you.
And love,
They broke you
Love isn't something you trust anymore.
It hurts too much knowing he's found another.
Sitting in darkness.
Doing nothing but letting your thoughts eat away at you.ok 
"Do it!" The voice in your head chants.
Picking up the cold metal and pressing it to your skin.
This is last time you'll be hurt.
The pain will melt away if you let it.
You've said your goodbyes.
To everyone except for hIm.
The one who was there for everything.
He stood by your side with hope for you two.
And in the end you were the one who gave up.

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