Just Poetry

It's just my poetry really


3. Dual Pain

Where did this feeling come from?
This idea that I'm not enough,
I'm not worth the fight.
This constant feeling of emptiness,
just the dull, numb pain.
Those nights when I fall apart for no reason.
And I thought I knew what sadness looked like.
I had no idea.
No idea of how much it hurts but at the same time there's nothing there.
I have nothing, I'm alone and can't fight this war anymore.
Locked inside my mind, trapped with these thoughts.
These thoughts that kill.
The thoughts that made my scars.
That built these walls around me that are invincible.
That pushed away every damn person I loved.
Now I'm left with nothing.
Everyone who mattered faded away.
I'm left with the voice screaming those harsh words at me.
These are the days when I feel like giving up.
But I can't let the voices win.
It's so hard sometimes though.
The things they say and tell me go do.
And no one's knows or cares to ask.
That smile I used to have is replaced.
Replaced with the constant dull expression of pain.
When I finally end it all remember how long I struggled.
How long I fought.
When I give up remember me.
And you can truly smile knowing I'm not hurting anymore.


 ​So I know it's not the best. I just made it off the top of my head. It really doesn't have a topic or one thing it talked about, but alot of what I write is like that. So yea hope you enjoyed.


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