Beauty and the Beast

It is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction about Elena (A young human girl who has known about witchcraft, Vampires, Warewolfs, and Hybrids for quite some time she is also a doppleganger, you will learn more about it in the story) Then our other character is Niklaus Mikealson AKA Klaus (Klaus is a Hybrid who is ruthless and cares only for himself and his family including his sibling's Elijah Mikealson,Rebekah Mikealson,And Kol Mikealson, Klaus is the step sibling to Elijah,Rebekah and Kol, his Mother, Esther, was unfaithful to his step father, Mikeal, So he was a basterd child so Mikeal never liked him and he would beat Klaus, Klaus and his Siblings are over 1'000 years old, Klaus is a Hybrid and his really father was a warewolf and Esther never known until when she and Mikeal turned all of there children and then there was a sun and moon curse, klaus has already broken the curse, But when he did break the cures he need a Doppleganger,A vampire and a warewolf you will learn more about it)


2. Why am I having feelings for a guy who killed me?

Elena's POV

After I got home from hanging out with my firend's I went upstares to get ready for bed and when I walked into my bedroom I saw a wolf pacing around on my floor. I gulped as I stared into the white wolfs beautiful blue eyes, I stood frozen in front of my door way and then the wolf growled and then I realised that he wanted me to calm down so I calmed a little bit and walked into my room, grabed my clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After my shower I walked into my room but It wasn't the wolf I saw on my was Klaus.

"Hello love" Klaus said smirking at me evily "What do you want?" I asked annoyed "I hope you know the wolf on the floor...yeah, that was me" he said looking over at me "why were you in my room in your wolf state?" I asked and he shrugged "I dont know...because I wanted to be in your room in my wolf state" He asked looking kike he genuinely didn't know why he was in my room in his wolf state.

I sighed "Why did you come here?" I asked him "I wanted to talk to you" he said smilling sweetly "What did you want to talk about?" I asked him a little less meaner "I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to a dance with me" He said looking over at me again with hope in his eyes "Please" he added at he end and I sighed "Fine...I guess" I mummbled.

"Its a date" he said smirking, then he jumped out of my window and I went over to the window and yelled "Its not a date!" And then I closed the window and went to my bed and covered up and drifted into oblivion.

Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter I cant make any promises but the next chapter might be long 

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